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Article I - Scripture

We believe all Scripture is Divinely inspired of God. II Timothy 3:16. We believe all Scripture is perfect, accurate, complete, and though written by men, God-breathed. We believe the seals spoken of in Revelation 5:5 are being revealed in this end time. We believe that the new covenant of the Lord and the covenant of Abraham are for all God's people for all generations.

Article II - God

We believe in one God: the Father in creation, the Son in redemption, and the Holy Spirit in His people; one God, three manifestations as found in Isaiah 9:6. We believe He is sovereign, omnipotent (all powerful), omniscient (all knowing, the Tree of Life), and omnipresent (everywhere at once).

Article III - Christ

We believe the Word came in the flesh, that the Word was God, the Tree of Life, that He made Himself visible to obliterate the original sin by allowing man to make the correct choice and ask Him into their life. We believe He died as our sacrificial Passover Lamb according to God's predestined plan for creation's restoration, to pay the death penalty for the sin of mankind for the remission of our sins, taking all infirmity and disease that have plagued humanity to the grave to destroy it, and resurrected into new life as conqueror over death, hell and the grave. We believe Christ came to set man free, as well as all creation according to Romans 8:19-21 and I Corinthians 15:51-55. We also believe He put the principalities, powers, rulers of darkness, and spiritual hosts of wickedness to open shame through His resurrection, and that all authority has been given to the people of God, over their power, fulfilling Isaiah 61:3.

Article IV - Born Again

We believe you must be born again to see and be a part of God's Kingdom. John 3:3. To be born again, we believe you must repent, see the need to become something besides the altered Adamic race, be fully immersed in water to become a new creature, and filled with the Holy Spirit according to Acts 2:38. We believe if we die with Him in baptism, we resurrect into His life, becoming the seed of Abraham through Christ according to Galatians 3:29. We believe that if we were baptized into His death we resurrect into life eternal according to Romans 6:4-5. We believe we become one with Him, a new species through His new covenant at communion and are therefore eligible to be blessed by Abraham's covenant, the double blessed, both physically (Abraham's) and spiritually (Christ's), both eternal and after the order of Melchizedek.

Article V - Christ in us

We believe Colossians 1:27, that it is Christ in us, the hope of glory. We believe all that was done on the cross, bringing spiritual victory to all of creation, will be manifested physically through the body of Christ. We believe Christ, through His body, will establish a new earth, and an everlasting Kingdom.

Article VI - Leadership

We believe God's leadership is called, anointed and appointed by God according to Ephesians 4:11. We believe that laity rule was instituted by man, and not sound doctrine. We believe that these are anointed of God to raise up and mature the body of Christ to His full stature, and that through this body He can bring restoration to the earth.

Article VII - God's Government

We believe God's government is appointed by God to the fivefold offices of Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher. Ephesians 4:11. We believe the office of Apostle and Prophet are umbrella universal offices, anointed and appointed to cover the establishment of God's Kingdom and the restoration of God's knowledge to the planet. We believe that God will release the knowledge that Daniel was told to close until the latter days, and the contents of the seven seals of Revelation 5:5 through His revealers, and that this knowledge will in turn be released to the fivefold ministry to equip and restore God's people and all creation.

Article VIII - Mountain

We believe a spiritual mountain has been raised to fulfill the work prophesied in Isaiah 2:2-4. We believe this is not a physical mountain, but a spiritual mountain referred to at Hebrews 12:18 and v 22-23. We believe that God dwells in this mountain to guide and direct His people through these end times by releasing knowledge that will cover the earth and bring restoration to all creation according to Isaiah 11:9.

Article IX - Sion and New Jerusalem

We believe that Sion is the spiritual city and capital of God's Kingdom. It is the dwelling place of God's government. It is located in God's holy mountain and is the city of King Jesus. We believe that New Jerusalem is the Bride, located at the base of Mount Sion. She is a city of peace and restoration to all that come through her spiritual gates.

Article X - The family of God

We believe that there is one family of God. We believe that nationality, denominations, or divided groups of any kind have had the largest influence on the church to render it powerless and helpless against the enemy. We believe as the family of God unites as one, God's people will be in position to go full circle back to the Garden. These dwell in Sion if government, in New Jerusalem if body members.

Article XI - Sabbath

We believe the seventh day of the week is a holy convocation, Sabbath, to be celebrated from Friday sundown to Saturday sundown. Sunday worship was instituted by man, and is void of scriptural backing. We believe the 7 holy convocations and 10 feasts as listed in Leviticus 23 are God's appointments with His people and to be understood, recognized and attended rather than the world's holidays.

Article XII - Praise and Worship

We believe the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God. We believe the people of God will see victory over their enemies through Praise according to Psalm 149:6-9, and Prayer. We believe as the Word of the Lord is spoken through these instruments, that God's angels carry out the voice of the Word on behalf of God's saints according to Psalms 103:20.

Article XIII - Civil Government

We believe that civil government is to be adhered to for the interest and good of human society, according to Matthew 22:20.

Article XIV - World to Come

We believe we are in the dawn of the age to come. We believe as truth is revealed, an eighth day generation, a new species will emerge to live lifestyles that will exhibit Godly principles, bringing about a new culture that will usher in the Kingdom of God. We believe that this world and all that has evolved from the knowledge of the Tree of Good and Evil will be destroyed, the works of man will be burned, and a new earth will emerge.

Article XV

We believe that God is constantly revealing truth, and this will not end until the Church (family of God) is brought full circle back to the garden. With this in mind, as truth is revealed, we maintain the option of adding to and amending these articles.

Article XVI – Discipline

Should a family member exhibit a lifestyle that is contrary to the laws or commandments of the head of the household (Christ), then scripture demands that they be removed from the family and marked as one not to be associated with.