Lyrics by: Apostle Jacquelyn Fedor
Music by: Roy Zachry

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It's been seven years since I last kissed my wife and kids on that fateful day.
Sleepless nights, buckets of tears have been shed, and yet the pain won't go away.
I kinda wish I had a home: I feel cold and hurt, I hate it here, I'm so alone,
Yet somewhere in my heart, I'd like to make a brand new start, 
And end this life as a useless rolling stone.

Dear Lord, there must be more for me, than this pain and misery!
Please take my hand and show me another way.
Make the memory of the past begin to fade away at last:
I know there has to be a brighter day.

Hi there, who are you? Do you know, you kinda look like someone I once knew?
Don't be shy, don't be alarmed, I'm lonely just like you and simply mean no harm!
Don't walk away, we can just be friends. In a little while you'll learn to smile, and your heart will mend.
What more could we ask than to be delivered from our past and maybe have the chance to love again.

The sunlight's dancing through the trees, there's the scent of wild flowers on the breeze,
Somehow life looks better every day.
I'd really like to get a job, it would take a miracle from God,
But who would hire a guy who looks this way?
Who would hire a guy who looks this way?