Lyrics & Music by: Apostle Jacquelyn Fedor

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God is raising up a new breed:
Born through Him they have become His special seed.
These are ones who have passed through
The Red Sea of carnal man,
Manifested in this age to carry out the Master's plan.
No longer in the image of the man of dust and clay,
The mirror of Christ's reflection,
They are the children of the new day.


Virgins hidden and concealed, out of sight but soon to be revealed:
Their light is growing brighter from the mountain,
They trim their wicks and they raise their lamps
While angels guard and watch their camp.
There's so few of them a little child can count them.
With shouts and singing, bells of freedom ringing,
Their trumpets blast a clear sound from God's fountain.


Their trumpets blast a clear sound from the fountain.
Hear the praise of Zion,
Hear the bells ringing Victory,
Hear the bells of Zion.