Lyrics & Music by: Apostle Jacquelyn Fedor

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The highway to holiness is paved
With tears and truth,
And only those that understand
Are ever going to walk there.
The cloud by day protects their walk,
And fire will light the dark.
A gentle breeze will nudge them on,
There's freedom in the air!

Excitement fills the hearts of those,
That finally find the road.
They see the bridge in front of them
That's marked Eternal Life.
But only those will make the bridge,
Before it is too late,
That heed the warning of the Lord,
It's five minutes til midnight.
Five minutes til midnight.

The angel's fiery sword becomes
The light to cross the bridge.
It blinds the eyes of those that try,
To come by other paths.
The Sons of oil will enter in,
The city of the Lord.
The angels pull the drawbridge up,
What's left is burned as chaff.


But there's victory - blessed victory
For those that make their robes
Spotless and white.
Yes there's victory - total jubilee,
For the Warriors of the Dawn,
The Sons of Light.
For the Warriors of the Dawn,
The Sons of Light.