Lyrics & Music by: Apostle Jacquelyn Fedor

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I once had a home, a wife and children of my own:
I had a job and did ok - a secure life you might say,
But suddenly it all came to an end.
My wife called on the phone, asked when I was coming home:
She was cooking something special for our family and some friends.

But then everything went wrong: 
A leaking gas line, and the stove was on -
My children playing on the floor,
The wife I cherished and adored!
Gone! All was gone!
I had nothing left - all was gone.

Then God gave me a vision that helped make my decision
To accept the cross of Christ and find the way to paradise!
A vision of my family appeared:
I could see my wife and kids, God proved to me they live
In His Kingdom where they're happy - 
I saw them plainly through my tears.