Lyrics & Music by: Apostle Jacquelyn Fedor

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Father - do You hear my prayer?
I can't tell for sure if You're even there.
All I've ever wanted is to know Your heart and mind.
The pastors keep assuring me that You are very gentle, loving and kind:
But do You hear me? Do you know me?
I want to know You!

And Father - I know there must be more:
You speak to others Lord - but me you just ignore.
They worship You so freely, while I'm bound and filled with fear.
I watch You interact with them
But do You even know that I'm here?
Do You hear me? Do You know me?
I want to know You!

And Father - what is this church I see
Trumpets of Truth?
Are they teaching something there that can set me free?
I sense a fresh anointing, and suddenly I'm no longer bound!
I guess You've been there all along,
but religion had me trapped and weighted down.
Now I know You heard me, and I know You know me - and I know You!
But Father - I wish I had someone to share this all with - my husband:
Look Lord, it's him,
I know You hear me, I know You know me,
and I know You, I know You.