Lyrics & Music by: Apostle Jacquelyn Fedor

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Who are you? Who are you?
I awakened in the night, 
Sensing that not all was right,
And you were there to comfort me!
Who are you?

As a child I felt you more:
You were there even before
I would know that anything was wrong!
I could almost hear a song leading me ...
Still, I can't see ... Please show me
Who you are.

Who are you? Who are you?
I have come to love you so,
But who you are, I still don't know!
I can't live without you now ...
Who are you?

As you come near my heart beats faster,
Somehow I know You're the Master
Who controls the life in me,
Shepherd of my destiny!
I know who You are, 
Yes I know who You are!
You are my Lord.


You are the Lord, You are my King!
You were there all along!
I know who you are ...
You're Jesus!