Lyrics & Music by: Roy Zachry

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In Your love, I find peace,
In Your peace, I find joy.
If you hunger to please Me, you become My pleasure,
In Your joy, I find strength,
In Your strength I can do Your will.
In Your will my life is so complete,
In Your holy will.


You give me joy unspeakable, You give things unknown,
You take me into Your arms and make me whole.

in Your grace, I find life,
In Your life I find grace.
A sweetness that is precious,
A flower in full bloom,
The petals moving gently, mu vision getting clear.
I focus on Your presence, Your Spirit always near.

You are holy, You are holy, I am here.
You are my life, You are my peace,
You are my love, You are holy.
I praise Your holy Name.
I give You all my all.
I want Your will forever,
I want to hear Your call
Your voice is holy, loud and clear.


You are near, You are near, You are near, You are near.
You are holy, I am here, You are holy - I am here.